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Rusty Brown has been featured in various outdoor and fishing magazines including WON News, WON BASS and online at www.kramergonefishing.com. With his win at Lake Mead during the 2013 WON BASS US Open, Rusty garnered national media attention outlasting 142 pros for the crown. Rusty has also been featured on Jarrett Edwards Outdoors fishing Diamond Valley Lake.

2013 US OPEN
Rusty Brown wins the 2013 US Open
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Bassfan.com US Open Winning Patterns
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Day Two Stories - Rusty trails Brett Hite by 0.62 lbs entering the final day of the US Open
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Rusty catches a 13.75 hawg largemouth

Rusty Brown catches a 13.75 lb largemouth bass and lands the cover of Western Outdoor News

Irvine Lake Bass Fishing with Rusty Brown

Havasu As Good As it Gets with Rusty Brown

SoCal bass guide 'tests' Disney World

Isabella landmark getting a ‘new’ name? (14.51 lb hawg)

More Hodges reports from season opener (8.5 lb toad)

Rusty Brown catches a 30 lb limit of Lake Isabella largemouth bass and lands the another cover of Western Outdoor News
Isabella Swimbait SLAM WON BASS Cover












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